List of Projects

Search for the information you are interested in or locate a project from the complete list of projects of the Digital Transformation Bible 2020-2025, whether it is part of the Horizontal Interventions, or the Strategic Intervention Axes or belongs to a specific Sector of the Economy.

Horizontal interventions

Many of the projects involved in the digital transformation of the state are horizontal and affect the operation of all sectors in specific and important ways. Some of the horizontal projects are Implementation Catalysts, as their implementation is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of all the others, while others concern Digital Innovation and the Digital Transformation of Cities.

Ηorizontal digital transformation projects of the public administration

Strategic Intervention Axes

The key interventions of Digital Transformation incorporate a series of actions and projects organized in distinct strategic axes. This distinction was deemed appropriate based on the nature and subject matter of the interventions, in order to clearly reflect the way in which the Digital Transformation Action Plan will be implemented. Special emphasis is given to the utilization of emerging technologies for the development of advanced solutions that will support the implementation of the goals of Digital Transformation.

Advanced technologies

Economy Sectors

The digital transformation affects the exercise of all sectors of public policy (Health, Education, Justice, Economy, etc.) by contributing to the modernization of the operation of the public and private sector through targeted actions in specific areas of intervention. For each policy area, Sectoral Projects of Public Administration are recognized for the purpose of digital service of the citizen and the companies.