Digital Transformation Bible 2020 - 2025

The Digital Transformation Bible is a record of the necessary interventions in the technological infrastructure of the state, in the education and training of the population for the acquisition of digital skills as well as in the way our country utilizes digital technology in all sectors of the economy and public administration. Its main role is to describe the vision, philosophy and goals of the national strategy for the digital transformation of the country.

This text, however, goes much deeper, describing the guiding principles, the model of governance and implementation, but also the strategic axes of digital transformation. It further describes more than 400 specific projects, classified into short-term and medium-term, horizontal and sectoral, which implement the strategy for Digital Greece.

Digital Transformation Projects

The Digital Transformation Bible identifies a variety of specific projects, classified into short- and medium-term, that affect the exercise of all areas of public policy (eg Health, Education, Justice, Economy, Environment, Energy, etc.) modernizing the operation of the public and private sectors.

The list of projects provides direct and easy access to all targeted actions implemented, to specific areas of intervention that specialize based on the specific needs of each policy area (eg horizontal, strategic areas, sectors of the economy, etc.).

Get full information about these projects immediately, follow their progress and actively participate in the annual update of the action plan through the structured co-configuration process.

Overall Projects
In Progress

Progress in numbers Services


digital services at


courses at the Digital Citizens' Academy

The steps towards digital transformation

The effective implementation of the new digital strategy requires the continuous monitoring of the implementation of the interventions and the projects included in it.

The Ministry of Digital Governance monitors the implementation of the Digital Transformation Book in collaboration with Public Administration bodies to identify problems, challenges and opportunities, following modern project management methods.

Find out quickly and immediately about the important projects that are in operation and the plan for important interventions for the next semester.

The route until today

Indicative projects that have been put into operation

Six months planning

Indicative projects that are expected to be put into operation in the next six months