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Digital technologies are radically changing all sectors of the economy. The application and adoption of digital technologies as well as the utilization of digital skills are no longer an optional action for businesses but a key survival factor.

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In both the Digital Economy & Society Index - DESI and the Digital Transformation Scorecard, Greece lags behind its European partners in most areas related to the digitization and digital education of the workforce, while it is relatively high in the individual indicators concerning businesses.

The gradual increase of their digital maturity and the reduction of their distance from the European average is an encouraging element and possibly indicates that Greek companies have already started their digital transformation.

The online presence of small and medium enterprises is gradually improving by utilizing the possibilities of developing applications on mobile devices while the security of websites and systems is also improved.

In the area of infrastructure, companies are transferring part of their information infrastructure to cloud computing services and there is a growing preference for operating models of business information systems provided as a service.

At the service level, progress is being made in areas such as integrated service delivery, transaction processing and online customer support. Electronic banking is expected to be strengthened as well as the use of plastic money.

Regarding the actions of production automation, use of Industry 4.0 technologies (eg Big data analytics, Internet of Things - IoT, Simulation and modeling, Cybersecurity, forecast maintenance, etc.), it is observed that the largest industrial companies have already started serious investments. while SMEs, regardless of sector, seem to be lagging behind and in need of specialized support.


main objectives of interventions

The national business strategy focuses on the following objectives in order to promote a set of horizontal interventions to create a favorable digital environment and a corresponding legislative framework, in which Greek companies can accelerate their digital transformation and be evaluated to the extent that they have succeeded.

  • Digitization of all public services to businesses

  • Strengthening systems and digital services in relation to the export oriented companies

  • Dissemination of best practices for strengthening the online presence of Greek companies

  • Creating new ecosystems and accelerating the digital transformation of the economy

  • Utilization of data for the development of new products, business models and markets

  • Digital training of private sector human resources

  • Strengthening startup entrepreneurship through the KEP - Plus program

  • Development of a system for assessing the digital maturity of enterprises and documentation of the planning of state aid for their digital transformation (Digitometer)

  • Advanced and integrated production systems, automation and robotics

  • Development of digital services / systems to support start-ups or established businesses (scale-up)

  • Utilization of IT tools for decision making (evidence based policy) in the public sector


(project descriptions are currently only in Greek)