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Αdvanced Τechnologies

Research and Education Infrastructure

Actions identified as prerequisites for the sectors of Open Science, High Performance Computing Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Resilient Cryptography.

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Quantum-resistant cryptography applications - EuroQCI

The European Commission is investing in the development of a quantum communications infrastructure (QCI) in Europe and for this purpose the EuroQCI action has been set up, which Greece joined at the end of 2019.

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Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Transformation Book 2020-2025 describes the design and formulation of a national strategy for the development and utilization of artificial intelligence in our country.

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Blockchain technologies can be used as a tool of digital transformation in cases where a validated and immutable record of transactions and operations is required.

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High Performance Computer Systems

The purpose of strengthening government action in this area is to utilize the potential offered by supercomputers in both public administration and the competitiveness of Greek small and medium-sized enterprises, through a European program aimed at equipping European SMEs with relevant know-how.

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