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Digital Public Services

With the establishment of the new Ministry of Digital Governance, for the first time, a large part of the critical IT and telecommunications structures related to the provision of electronic services to the citizens and the wider digital transformation of the country are gathered.

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Citizens now demand that the digital public administration be as smart as their mobile phones and that the services it offers be accessible and available.

Today's reality indicates that digital policy, e-government and the service of citizens and businesses in their dealings with the State, although they have made progress in simplifying procedures and eliminating bureaucracy, have room for improvement.

The primary purpose of the Ministry of Digital Governance is the digitization of services to citizens and businesses and their access from a single point through a single identification.

Goal #1

Single Digital Portal gov.gr

Users of digital, public services will not have to find their way through a maze of government websites. The Single Digital Portal gov.gr will be the new face of Public Administration in relations with citizens and businesses

  • It is the new face of Public Administration in relations with citizens and businesses, through which traders will have access to all the information and digital services they need.

  • It brings together everything that anyone having transactions with the State, employees, businessmen, foreign investors, visitors to the country, but also ordinary citizens need to know.

  • As a result, it facilitates the citizen to get in touch with all the electronic services provided by the State with homogeneity and security.

  • It is a result of the efforts for modernization of the whole image of the Public Administration to the public, as it is a platform that is enriched and updated through a collaborative model between all the Public Administration bodies, which can use it to submit their comments and remarks on with the services provided but also the design of new ones

Goal #2

Digital and business transformation of KEP into KEP-plus

KEP is one of the most reliable and recognizable institutions of the Greek public administration. Nevertheless, the digital transformation of the public administration now highlights the need for administrative and digital transformation of KEP, in order to be able to better serve citizens and businesses with new tools.

  • The action aims to transform a central sub-set of KEP (approximately 500 out of 1000) into a new form of one-stop service, which will be the central and modern point of contact of the citizen with the state as an alternative to the digital route, but integrating alongside new technologies.

  • Policies have been implemented and actions have been planned to further upgrade the services offered by KEP, such as the inclusion of new procedures in KEP, the launch of the myKEPlive program for the remote service of citizens in selected KEP, their technological upgrade through the creation of new IIS for their back-office, the creation of digital mailboxes in each KEP etc.


(project descriptions are currently only in Greek)