Terms of use

The navigation - browsing of the Digital Transformation bible which is posted on the domain name "digitalstrategy.gov.gr" (hereinafter the "Platform"), is subject to the following terms of use:

  1. The Platform contains data and content owned or supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance.
  2. Navigation on the Platform presupposes the unconditional acceptance by the user of these terms of use, as contained in this text.
  3. The user's navigation on the Platform must be carried out only for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner.
  4. The user of the Platform must during its interaction with it refrain from any malicious use of its software and systems, from any attempt to unauthorized access to a system or subsystem of the software.
  5. The Ministry of Digital Governance takes all necessary measures, technically and organizationally, to ensure as much as possible the accuracy of the information posted on the Platform and its continuous and uninterrupted operation, without being able to guarantee the absolute completeness, accuracy or continuity of the operation of the structure. Changes to the content of the posted information and data of the main hosting websites or to more specific services of the Platform software, may take place at any time, without any active information of the users.
  6. Users are advised to take every measure to protect the integrity and security of their information systems, hardware and software, so as to adequately protect the access data and usage data of the Platform stored in the local storage media of users' devices, portable or not. . Failure of users' systems or leakage of connection or use data due to malicious intrusion into the user's operating system does not relieve the latter of its obligations under these terms, does not constitute a force majeure event or exceptional condition, nor does it imply any responsibility of the Ministry Digital Governance for the damage that the user may suffer.
  7. Users must have the latest operating system and browser software installed to achieve the maximum possible interoperability of the Platform software. The software of the Platform is structured and designed to interact with every browser and operating system. Technical restrictions are not excluded. This paragraph does not guarantee interoperability, as it depends on the software of each user.
  8. Hyperlinks may be posted on the Platform to other external websites. These hyperlinks are provided only for the convenience of users and not as a list of websites whose content has been posted, approved or adopted in any way by the Ministry of Digital Governance.
  9. The Ministry of Digital Governance is not responsible for any damage (direct or indirect, positive or negative) that the user of the Platform and its services may suffer from the use or inability to use it, from delays in its use, from failures or omissions regardless of the cause, such as failures of telecommunications equipment or the quality of the internet connection, which are within the sphere of influence of the user or the third telecommunications provider
  10. In case of malicious action or misuse of the software and any services of the Platform, in violation of these terms and / or current legislation, the Ministry of Digital Governance is entitled, in addition to actions to safeguard its legal rights and transmission of a file to the competent authorities to investigate the commission of any criminal offenses and any administrative violations, to take as a temporary measure of protection of the Platform the deactivation of the access to the user who showed the above illegal behavior. Removal of this restriction or objections will be considered by the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems.
  11. In case of a force majeure event affecting the operation of the Platform, as defined by law and case law, the Ministry of Digital Governance has the sole and exclusive discretion to suspend the operation of the Platform and any of its services for as long as the force majeure event lasts, without taking any responsibility towards the users and without having to comply with the procedure of prior notification of the users for this.
  12. These terms of use are considered to be fully accepted upon navigation - browsing of the Platform by the user. Partial or subject to their acceptance is not possible. Any refusal to accept terms of use implies the obligation of users to stop any use of the Platform (browsing - navigation).
  13. A user guide with a description of the application and relevant audiovisual material may be posted for each service. The instructions for use are not an appendix to these and are clearly related to how to use the system. The Ministry of Digital Governance will ensure that the present ones are modified as soon as possible, in order to harmonize with each new feature - functionality of the Platform, if this is necessary.
  14. The Ministry of Digital Governance may modify these terms of use in whole or in part, at its sole discretion. Any new codified and amended text will be valid immediately upon its posting, without any other condition or compliance with a deadline or special procedure.
  15. In case any provision or provisions of the present are considered invalid, then this invalidity applies only to these provisions and does not include all the provisions.
  16. For any dispute that arose from the application of the terms and the use of the portal, the competent Courts of Athens will be exclusively competent.