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In the new digital age, connectivity is a key prerequisite for the digital transformation of states, as the expected economic and social benefits will only be achieved if states ensure the widespread deployment of networks and the provision of very high capacity services throughout their territory. In particular, broadband is considered a public good which contributes significantly to economic growth and prosperity. The enhancement of mobile and fixed broadband and the achievement of ultra-high speed internet access are expected to lead to further development of the Greek digital economy. Fiber optic and 5G networks are the main challenges of the next decade. For this reason, the primary goal of the national broadband strategy is to encourage investment in next-generation networks.

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of the European Union by 2025

  • Ensure Gigabit connectivity to drivers of socio-economic development, such as educational institutions and government agencies.

  • To provide uninterrupted 5G coverage in all urban areas and all major overland transport routes.

  • Provide internet access for all European households with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, with the ability to upgrade to 1 Gbps.


(project descriptions are currently only in Greek)