Principles & Objectives

The vision

The Digital Transformation Bible reflects the guiding principles, the architectural design of the systems, the strategic axes of intervention, the model of governance and implementation and all the horizontal and vertical interventions that will implement the digital transformation of the Greek society.

Through a process of co-shaping with all stakeholders and organizations and organizations, but also civil society, the Digital Transformation Bible captures the strategy for digital transformation and its implementation plan. The Digital Transformation Bible is no longer a "proclamation" strategy text. Emphasis is placed on implementation - that is, not only on "what" but also on "how".

The interventions described in the Digital Transformation Bible attempt to meet both the basic requirements and the implementation of the national digital strategy. The initial recording of important projects that will support the implementation of the digital transformation is not exhaustive or restrictive. The action plan is open and dynamic, as it will continue to be co-formulated and updated annually in cooperation with the competent public administration bodies. In this regard, the update process ensures that new needs or priorities can lead to additional projects, horizontally and sectorally, that are part of the overall strategy, governed by the overall philosophy, and serve the core objectives of the Digital Transformation Bible.


Goals of Digital Transformation

Greece has realized the necessity of its transition to the digital economy and society. The digital transformation of the country is not a future condition - it is the present. The Ministry of Digital Governance has developed and is implementing a national strategy for the digital transformation of the entire Greek society and economy with specific goals.

  • To enable every Greek citizen to work with speed, reliability and security on the internet

  • To serve the needs of the citizens directly and efficiently through a digital state

  • To promote the development of digital skills for all Greeks

  • To help every Greek business to become a digital business

  • To support and enhance digital innovation

  • To release and utilize the productive value of public data

  • To integrate modern technologies in all sectors of the economy

Guiding Principles

The Digital Transformation Bible defines a set of guiding principles that outline the framework of digital reform and the "rules" that govern the organization, management and provision of new digital services in our country. These guidelines are based on the general principles of digital governance, as advocated by initiatives of the European Commission and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as well as international best practices, relevant studies prepared specifically for the Greek Public Administration, etc.

Strategic Axes of Intervention

The key interventions of Digital Transformation incorporate a series of actions and projects organized in seven distinct strategic axes. This distinction was deemed appropriate on the basis of the nature and subject matter of the interventions, in order to clearly reflect the way in which the Digital Transformation Action Plan will be implemented. Also, special emphasis is given to the utilization of emerging technologies for the development of advanced solutions that will support the implementation of its goals. The strategic axes are presented below and analyzed in the following sections: