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Notification Centre

The Center for Information and Participatory Governance will be the main channel of communication between the state and the citizen. It will provide the necessary functions so that services and state bodies can inform the citizens about issues that concern them. Indicatively, these issues may include reminders of citizen obligations to the state, updates on the progress of citizen requests, personalized updates (eg, preventive medicine programs, vaccinations), and messages of general interest, such as instructions. for weather events and announcements of the launch of new digital services.

Notifications can be sent, depending on their content, through different communication channels, such as e-mail, text messages on mobile phones (SMSs), and push notifications (push notifications) in smart phone applications (smartphones). In particular, with regard to proof of delivery, the necessary legal arrangements will be ensured so that the proof of delivery is legally secured. At the same time, cyber security best practices will be adopted to safeguard citizens' communication data and prevent any attempt at abuse. It is worth emphasizing that the Notification Center is a tool of service and assistance to the citizen and an active supporter in his relations with the state.

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